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Deploy Keycloak behind Nginx to GCP, or local Docker without hassle

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I've moved the contents of this product here:

Using these manifests will deploy Keycloak, nginx, and Postgres to your local Docker environment or GCP VM instance. All this without searching through Keycloak documentation.

How do you know this works?

I got into a situation where no configuration worked for Nginx and Keycloak. And I've tried a lot of StackOverflow solutions but none actually got to the meat of the problem.

But after looking a bit deeper into the configuration, I've got to the working solution. So the following video demonstrates getting the JWT of one Keycloak client to prove the setup works.


What's the problem with Keycloak's configuration

There are a lot of half-solutions and a lot of missing docs in Keycloak. So you have to dig through Github issues to find some solutions, otherwise, you're on your own.

I've spent several months working on extensions and configuration, and I can tell you it requires a lot of reading of source code. And as someone who wants to get things off the ground fast, this is not a good situation to be in.

These manifests are the product of hours of going through trial and error and cross-referencing with Keycloak's good practices.

You can also try to configure Keycloak on your own. But this endeavor can waste more time than what's this product worth.

By buying this product you'll unlock the docker-compose file for deploying Keycloak to the GCP VM instance.

The file consists of:

  • Nginx configuration - config for certificates and SSL termination
  • Keycloak 20.0.3 - configuration to support SSL termination at NGINX
  • Postgres as a database used in docker-compose

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Deploy Keycloak behind Nginx to GCP, or local Docker without hassle

0 ratings