Direct naked impersonation packaged up as Keycloak extension

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Ease Your Keycloak Extension Development with this Keycloak Project Bootstrap!

  • Effortless Local Testing: Explore a smooth development process using Project Bootstrap's dedicated Docker Compose YAML file. Test and refine your Keycloak extensions locally without the hassle.
  • Flexible Deployment Options: Tailor your deployment effortlessly with configurations for Caddy, NGINX, and Nginx Proxy Manager. We prioritize adaptability to fit seamlessly into your preferred infrastructure.
  • Time-Efficient Setup: Say goodbye to time-consuming configurations. Project Bootstrap consolidates everything you need into a Docker image from the get-go, saving you precious time for what matters most – building and deploying.
  • Make money using this setup: I've set up this bootstrap and have been using it in a few projects so far. It is a great helper to bootstrap a Keycloak extensions project quickly.
  • Custom extensions will be a breeze to develop: I've also bundled several extensions I've worked on so you can practice Keycloak development, use this to develop new stuff, or extend existing Keycloak extensions.

What do you stand to lose if you move on?

  • Time (money) wasted on your custom setup
  • Fidelity in your Keycloak development as you don't have the correct way of testing stuff

What you'd gain with this product?

  • Seamless Local Testing: Confidently immerse yourself in local development with our carefully crafted Docker Compose YAML file.
  • Versatile Deployment: Effortlessly deploy Keycloak extensions behind Caddy, NGINX, or Nginx Proxy Manager – tailored to your preferences.
  • Efficient Docker Image: Bid farewell to time-consuming setups. Project Bootstrap provides a Docker image bundled with everything you need, allowing you to focus on building Keycloak extensions.

The full package includes:

- Full setup for Keycloak with NGINX as a reverse proxy

- Nginx Proxy Manager and Caddy config files

- Gradle setup for building the extension

- Setup to build the custom Keycloak image

- Exported realm ready to use

- Basic theme setup to get started

- Direct naked impersonation using admin client

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Direct naked impersonation packaged up as Keycloak extension

0 ratings
I want this!