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Review code with different perspective


A new perspective of code reviews

This guide holds tips and guidelines backed up by experts in the area. One of them is Fagan who invented the code inspection process. This guide is a mix of my personal experience but backed up with scientific research. Nothing like you've seen before.

Why is this important for you?

You'll learn from others' mistakes and successes. The guide explains on concrete examples how code review helps out even in dysfunctional teams. I worked with F500 company seniors, and with this guide, I'll reveal their techniques for you to pick up.

What's my background in code reviews?

I was working with this senior who had an unusual code review process. And everyone was doing the bare minimum on code reviews. But his strategy gave him a lot of knowledge of the project. So, he became the owner of every module of the project.

I've replicated what he did in code reviews. What did this process do for me? Gained me a hefty 70% pay raise. Which I rejected to join the FAANG related company. Imagine what these tips can do for you.

Before this experience, I followed whatever I found on code reviews. "Critique the code, not the reviewer". "LGTM". "Avoid you comments". And others. Without these tips I was lost, the same as you are now.

What you'll get out of this?

Most experienced developers don't share any of their code review practices. That's why we are left out of those hefty raises. They do the review, you address them, and move on. In the end, they get all the credit, and we're the code monkeys. This can end if we follow these tips.

You either continue using what you're already doing, do a mediocre code review, and make no visible progress.
Or use these tips and become more knowledgeable of the project, make more impact, and get better at code reviews.

I know the struggle around code reviews. You raise the PR and there's no response. No one actually cares about your PR, even though it's critical. Even when someone looks at it leaves a nitpick comment. Without the correct approach, this will continue to happen.

All of these tips come from credible sources. Tips are backed up by concrete studies, done by experts, myself, and my senior coworkers. Tips work as I've seen them play out myself. Easy to implement, learn, and teach others. All these can help you become the de facto expert in code reviews.

What you can lose without these tips?

Of course, you can figure all these out by your own experience. Although this depends on what team are you in, are your code reviews even performed, or if you have seniors to learn from. If you don't have the before mentioned you might start to hate code reviews. You'll miss out on a lot of potential progress, knowledge, and self improvement. This missed opportunity won't happen if you have these tips by your side.

I will send out updated versions of the product to customers for free.

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Review code with different perspective

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